Twin Wave

The New York-based band Twin Wave has enlisted me to produce, record, and mix their debut EP, which we've just started working on. I was heavily involved in the pre-production and demo stages of these songs, so the collaboration between the band members and myself has been very deep.  Unlike many other records I've done where the band performs live or records each layer track by track, the Twin Wave tracks have been built bar by bar, looping different parts to create the basic structure of a tune.  It's been a cool way to work, allowing us to really sculpt each section of the song and forcing us to build dynamics by constantly introducing new elements as the song progresses. We've also been getting some really great tones, putting the studio's recently acquired vintage KM54s (drum overheads), u67s (vocals), and Coles 4038s (drums, room) to good use.  I've also been running a lot of our guitar and synth tracks through the vintage Andre Industries Spring Reverb that I just cleaned up, as well as through the Electro-Harmonix Poly Chorus and Space Echo.  These atmospheric elements combined have given the productions a hazy, kaleidoscopic depth.

Check out some photos of the sessions below (credit: Maxx Berkowitz):