SUMMER 2019 Update

Manel - mixing on an LP

Model Child - mixing on an LP

Monsune - mixing on an EP

L’Rain - producing/engineering an LP

Spring 2019 Update

Onyx Collective - mixing on an EP (prod. Chromeo)

Manel - engineering/mix on an LP

L’Rain - producing on an LP

Born Rivals - producing on an LP

Winter 2019 Update

Here is what Andrew has been working on recently:

L’Rain - producing/engineering/mixing on an LP

Gavin Turek - mixing on an LP

Vagabon - engineering/additional production on an LP

Manicanparty - engineering/mixing on an EP

Purr - mixing on an LP

FALL 2018 Update

Here’s what Andrew’s been up to:

L’Rain - production/engineering on a new LP

D.A. Stern - mixing on an LP [Slumberland Records]

Mike Ruby - mixing on a single

Line & Circle - engineering/mixing on a few songs

Creeper - tracking on an album [Warner UK]

Born Rivals - mixing on some singles


Andrew has been hard at work on a number of projects, here's a little update:

Purr - mixing on an LP

Gavin Turek - additional production/mixing on some singles

Chela - producing on a single

Born Rivals - co-writing/producing on an upcoming release

D.A. Stern - mixing on an LP [Slumberland Records]

bLAck.pARty - mixing on an LP [RCA/Wolf and Rothstein]

L'Rain - preproduction on a new album


Andrew on "Hanging Out with Audiophiles" Podcast

Andrew was featured on Jamie Lidell's great podcast Hanging Out with Audiophiles. Andrew joins the likes of Blake Mills, Shawn Everett, Susan Rodgers, and many other great producers, engineers, mixers, and performers that have been interviewed. The conversation touched on a lot of topics, such as drum production/recording, artist/client relationships, live/work balance, and many other subjects related to record-making in 2018. 

Check it out on the iphone Podcast app or via this link.


Born Rivals - producing/engineering/writing on an EP [WaxLTD records]

Chela - production on an EP

D.A. Stern - mixing on an LP [Slumberland]

Polyplastic - producing/mixing on an EP

Humeysha - mixing on an EP. Producing a new single.

bLAck.pARty - mixing on an LP [Wolf + Rothstein/RCA]

Winter 2018 Projects

Gothic Tropic - writing/pre-production on an LP

Sarah Chernoff - co-producing on a new release

Born Rivals - writing/production on some tunes

Decorations - writing/preproduction on an LP

Wet Leather - producing/engineering an LP



Heartracer - producing/engineering/mixing an EP

Gavin Turek - mixing on an LP

Gothic Tropic - preproduction on an LP

Current Projects (Spring 2017)

m83 - "Cirque de Soleil presents VOLTA" (mixing)

Yumi Zouma - engineering on an LP (Cascine Records)

Morly - mixing (Cascine Records)

Wet Leather - prod/mixing on an EP and LP (Villainy Records)




Current Projects (Fall 2016)

Wildling - additional production/engineering on an LP (Warner Bros)

Sarah Chernoff (of Superhumanoids) - mixing on an LP

Chela - producing/engineering on an EP

Rvby My Dear - producing/engineering/mixing on an LP


Current Projects (Summer 2016)

Magic Man - engineering on an LP [Columbia Records]

Sam O.B. (fka Obey City) - mixing on an LP [LuckyMe Records]

Chela - producing on an EP

Ski Lodge - producing/engineering on an LP

Rvby My Dear - producing/engineering/mixing on an LP